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Hasbro The Vintage Collection

Hasbro introduced The Vintage Collection Line of figures in 2010.

The Vintage Collection figures come in 3.75 inch scale. The figures are highly poseable and 
detailed. The cardback design has it's roots in the original Kenner cardbacks from the 1970's
/ 1980's. Before Hasbro released the Vintage Collection they did short runs of Kenner style
cardbacks in 2004 and 2007 called the Vintage Original Trilogy Collection (VOTC) and  
The Vintage Saga Collection. Both of these lines were shipped with clamshells protecting
the cardbacks. 
The Vintage Collection was placed on hold in 2013 and returned in 2018 and is still
available in 2021. The Vintage Collection is a Fan favorite.

VolkerC 1/8/2021  

The Vintage Collection

The Mandalorian Din Djarin and Child Vintage Collection figure